QoS – Written

In this guide I will show you how to adapt my QoS script to suit your router and then import it onto your Mikrotik RouterOs router. This Qos script may not be adapted to suit your actual usage needs though (see information here). A few pre-requisites, you need a computer with network access to the router, a text editor and Winbox.

After you’ve downloaded the RSC file at the bottom of this page, you will need to open it up, Notepad++ is a good choice if you are using Windows (I use Visio Code), if not notepad will work (if the text all moulds into 1 big block, copy & paste it into Word ~because text files).

Once opened you only need to change the top 5 lines starting with “:local:” these are the variables for the script to work. They are explained in the rsc file what each needs to be and how to set it.


Once you have finished making your changes you will need to save the file and then “drag & drop” it into the root file system of your RouterOS device.


To start the script off you will need to use a command in the terminal of the device;

/import file-name=qosv1.rsc


This should import with no errors providing you got your information correct in the earlier part where we edited the file. You may get an error in the terminal but if not it will say it imported correctly and you can also see the activity in the logs.


Finally you can go over to your Queue menu and click into “Trees” to see your newly created trees and what data they are counting. You can also adjust the values in here on the queues if your bandwidth changes, also you can adjust priorities should you wish to adjust to better suit your own needs.


The below RSC file is provided free of charge to do with what you like, please bear in mind though websites aren’t free to run and whilst not compulsory, any donations would be gratefully received.

“Download the RSC file here”