I’m going to give a little background on this before I dive in and start guiding you through the script and how to get my solution working on your router.

QoS when implemented properly will even out a connection where there is a high demand for bandwidth but only a low amount incoming/outgoing. If implemented correctly it will effectively negate the effects of upload saturation whilst barely being noticeable by the end users.

I will just mention that my solution whilst working wonderfully in the situations I have developed it for, may not work brilliantly well for you also. The QoS script I will be using is centred in a residential type broadband connection where video streaming is a priority. This isn’t to say though that you can’t use it for yourself, with a couple of rules amended or added you could easily convert this to something very usable for a business connection. All I will say is try it, test it and if you have any feedback please do give it back to me and I’ll revise the version I distribute.

So onto the guides;