Basic Firewall

Here is the written guide to my Basic Firewall. This will give you a very basic but well secured and functional firewall to stop unauthorised attempts onto your router. A few pre-requisites, you need a computer with network access to the router, a text editor and Winbox.

After you’ve downloaded the RSC file at the bottom of this page, you will need to open it up, Notepad++ is a good choice if you are using Windows if not notepad may work (if the text all moulds into 1 big block, copy & paste it into Word ~because text files).

You only need to make 2 changes in the file, you need to input the name of your WAN interface such as “ether5” or “pppoe-out1” and then your LAN subnet.

Save the file and then drag it into the Files box in Winbox.

Finally you want to open up a new terminal and input the following command:

/import file-name=firewallv1.rsc

If your router has a beeper then you’ll get a little tinkle on successful completion as well as a message in your log.

The below RSC file is provided free of charge to do with what you like, please bear in mind though websites aren’t free to run and whilst not compulsory, any donations would be gratefully received.

“Download the RSC file here”