CHR back in place with a shuffle around


The new PSU has worked so far so it was back up into the attic rack for my R210ii. No other modifications although if it manages a couple of weeks I will most likely look into some Noctua fans to quiet it off a bit. A bit of a tidy up as well removing some old switches and getting the patch panel in line.
One of the next jobs on the list will be to get a “CRS3XX” down into the cave so I can take advantage of some 10GB goodness with failover on 2 of the 3 fibres.

A breathe of life for the CHR

There has been a glimmer of hope for the CHR. I’ve come across a donor R210 with a power supply that is in brilliant condition, installed the power supply and it burst back into life. A good hour getting ESXi re-installed to the SSD I’d wiped and then reloading a CHR image onto it then carefully copying over the config and it’s just about ready to bring back into service.

I’ll be sorry to part ways again with the Hex and the FastTrack setup but this time around with the CHR I’ll be going for a really big QoS tree build.

So Much Broken MikroTik

What an absolute nightmare of a week so far!

Friday afternoon my beloved Dell R210ii decided to eat it’s own PSU, completely rendering the box useless and along with it my CHR routing my home network. It’s fine though as I made backups, which I stored within the CHR, so can’t access them #feelsbadman

Never mind, I quickly pulled out my CCR1009 which I retrieved from a scrap pile and whilst it had faulted 1 or 2 times had never completely keeled over. I configured it up and replaced the CHR, after a few hours of tweaking and trying to resume normality as well as activating fast track as CHR can’t do that), home was up and running.

Monday morning, got some weird things going on in the network, checked the CCR and it was reporting traffic on interfaces I knew weren’t even connected as well as flapping on the SFP port which the other end showed as solid. The CCR has now been marked for removal. I am so thankful of having a “spare” RB750Gr3 Hex unit about though as that should keep the family quiet whilst I work out where to go from here. Currently my poultry 55Mb connection won’t stress it but I have been eyeing up a Virgin Media upgrade to 350Mb next which looks set to increase to 500Mb in the next few months, who knows, Gigabit may be round the corner as well. Either way, I’m not confident the little Hex can do that so back to the drawing board and looking for a unit to suffice my needs.

Networking Switch Around

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on one of the recently released MikroTik CRS328-24P-4S+RM units.
This is an excellent addition to my network as it means that it can sit right in the very centre of my network and actually remove 2 stand alone pieces of hardware (CRS112 & UniFi 8 port PoE) as well as retaining all the functionality I had before including adding more scale ability for the network as I grow it this year.
Without going nuts on specs, it’s a 24 port + 4 SFP port switch with auto sensing 24v and 48v PoE across all of those ports. Very handy! My current deployment sees me using the 3 switch banks in a Data-48v-24v deployment and then using the 3 fibres I have down to the mancave ensures that the CCTV cameras don’t choke my internet connection.
With plans this year to grow the CCTV camera numbers, minimum 1 extra if not an additional 3 as well as a couple more data points and the potential move away from a single UAP Pro to a Pro plus an additional 2 AC-Lites. Oh and maybe an internet connection upwards of 300Mb? That’s a maybe though.