Networking Switch Around

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on one of the recently released MikroTik CRS328-24P-4S+RM units.
This is an excellent addition to my network as it means that it can sit right in the very centre of my network and actually remove 2 stand alone pieces of hardware (CRS112 & UniFi 8 port PoE) as well as retaining all the functionality I had before including adding more scale ability for the network as I grow it this year.
Without going nuts on specs, it’s a 24 port + 4 SFP port switch with auto sensing 24v and 48v PoE across all of those ports. Very handy! My current deployment sees me using the 3 switch banks in a Data-48v-24v deployment and then using the 3 fibres I have down to the mancave ensures that the CCTV cameras don’t choke my internet connection.
With plans this year to grow the CCTV camera numbers, minimum 1 extra if not an additional 3 as well as a couple more data points and the potential move away from a single UAP Pro to a Pro plus an additional 2 AC-Lites. Oh and maybe an internet connection upwards of 300Mb? That’s a maybe though.

New Hardware Incoming!

I’ve got some really exciting hardware changes coming up which I’m hoping are going to help me along my quest to make better YT videos! I will be saying goodbye to spinning discs completely in my main rig and will be migrating to NVME for OS with the “old” SSD being the new recording drive for super fast writes to enable me to get bandwidth up and help with post recording cutting and shutting.

In addition to that there will be some sound upgrades which are probably going to be less of an impact on the videos but still. Upgrades are upgrades.

MikroTik MUM Europe 2018 New Product Announcements!

Some exciting new products from MikroTik this year announced at the Europe MUM in Berlin. Looks like a very heavy lean towards the 10G switching direction with some enterprise mindfulness being brought in. Shame there haven’t been any new CCR devices or “better” SOHO devices but for now these will do!










MikroTik Router OS 6.41

MikroTik have released their version 6.41 of the current build. Whilst there are some new features the most obvious one now is the removal of the master-slave relationship ability to allow hardware switching. MikroTik have done this in a bid to simplify the configuration meaning that now you can use the bridge functionality.

Previously bridging was all done through the CPU so switching on lower end hardware meant that you may not always get full speeds and often ended up with a 100% CPU utilization for a simple file transfer.

MikroTik have now made it so that you can add single, multiple or all ports into a bridge with a check box available to take advantage of the “hardware offload” function. Again, whilst not technically a new feature for the series, it is a redesigned way of achieving hardware switching. The result is a brilliantly clean implementation which resulted in the following from my testing on an older gigabit router.