Networking Switch Around

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on one of the recently released MikroTik CRS328-24P-4S+RM units.
This is an excellent addition to my network as it means that it can sit right in the very centre of my network and actually remove 2 stand alone pieces of hardware (CRS112 & UniFi 8 port PoE) as well as retaining all the functionality I had before including adding more scale ability for the network as I grow it this year.
Without going nuts on specs, it’s a 24 port + 4 SFP port switch with auto sensing 24v and 48v PoE across all of those ports. Very handy! My current deployment sees me using the 3 switch banks in a Data-48v-24v deployment and then using the 3 fibres I have down to the mancave ensures that the CCTV cameras don’t choke my internet connection.
With plans this year to grow the CCTV camera numbers, minimum 1 extra if not an additional 3 as well as a couple more data points and the potential move away from a single UAP Pro to a Pro plus an additional 2 AC-Lites. Oh and maybe an internet connection upwards of 300Mb? That’s a maybe though.

Home Router Upgrade

It’s been a busy day or 2 for me getting parts together and getting ready for a fairly big shift around my home network environment. It’s all being done in the name of education as I want to run a CHR as my border router to give me some real horsepower for some scripting I’m looking at trying to do.

As part of the move around I will end up removing a MikroTik RB3011, HP N54L and a PoE injector and will be swapping over onto an RB260GSP (taking the place of the PoE and converting to fibre), a rack mounted server and a CHR which I’m currently about finished configuring.

Over the next few days I will be installing the 260GSP switch/converter and re configuring the CRS125 switch in the cave and then it should be about time to “cut over”  and get my CHR live.

This is all a test though and there is a possibility it’ll all move back if I can’t put up with the noise from the server in the cave.