The Migration Has Started

As a small update on what is going on in my world. I am now slowly starting migrating all of my MikroTik related content onto my new domain MikNet.
I get a resounding amount of contact through from people all around the world talking to me about MikroTik related problems and projects they have and I feel that the “Steveocee” persona is not the right person to be dealing with this (Steveocee is an ingame handle so may be confusing when my channel is 80% PC games). MikNet will still receive the same content, tutorials and ongoing MikroTik love and also has it’s own YouTube channel which will slowly start to get filled up with helpful and niche problem solutions.

Previous Streams

Lately I’ve been streaming a lot more than I have been making videos for YouTube. Mostly this is being caused by a limited amount of time and also that hitting the stream button is far easier than doing a fully published video.

Regardless to that there is a previous library of my streams available from my twitch.TV page here;