WarBrokers.io Browser Based FPS

Whilst enjoying AAA titles sometimes they do get a bit annoying or rage inducing. PUBG for example spending ages to get decent loot to get gunned down by someone sat in a bush with no loot at all and others like COD where it is extremely fast paced and you can barely move after spawning. This induces a search for alternatives whilst still wanting something to keep you entertained for more than 3 minutes.

War Brokers has at the moment ticked that box for me. It is a free to play browser based FPS built on the Unity engine by Trebuchet Entertainment with basic graphics (Minecraft) and a gun in hand. Movement is a bit weird and unpredictable at times but overall fun factor is constantly there and can be mixed up with the use of various weaponry and vehicles.

I’ve put some screenshots below, just click if you want to see them big.

Definitely worth a try! http://warbrokers.io