1 Week on

I’ve had Zen’s FTTP 900 product now for just over a week and whilst I’d love to say so far I’ve absolutely thrashed it, sadly I’ve been caught out with a bout of Covid (first time) so wanting to protect the family I moved out into isolation for a week. this meant I wasn’t at home and able to use the connection but the family were still benefitting from multiple streams but I also benefitted vastly from the enhanced upload.

Having nothing to do but stare at walls, I worked my way though a load of my old Plex content, streaming the original files was an absolute breeze and regularly I was peaking 20Mb of upload bandwidth and that was fairly consistent across most of the days I was away. No issues there.

Hopefully I’ll have something a bit better to be able to trumpet about the amazing new connectivity.

Go Gig or Go Home

Install day was today and I’ve finally gone to FTTP. Installation was an absolute breeze, I’d put in a draw cord to get the fibre into the house and the Openreach engineer even took down the copper as well so nice and tidy. I have a neat little ONT in my house next to the living room patch ports and we are running a CHR with Gb internet.

Before install from a wired in connection during a working day.
Following install but before ONT upgrade
After ONT upgrade and a PPP drop and reconnect, this was Steam downloading a game on my CHR.

As you can see, the move wasn’t flawless, following the upgrade, my download speed held at the 55Mb I was profiled at previously but following an ONT firmware upgrade and then a PPP disconnect and reconnect from the CHR, we released the full power. My laptop couldn’t even manage to get the throughput due to the USB dock for a speedtest so a Steam download on the main gaming/editing PC was in order to show it off.

Less than a week

We’ve just dropped below a week until my new FTTP service is scheduled for install. I’ve been doing a bit of prep work in anticipation as well, the CHR is back alive on a new server, low powered Xeon this time rather than monster. With the new efficiencies of RouterOS it’s now more capable than ever and I am “only” going to be pushing 1Gb max.

I’ve also upgraded it to ROSv7 so I can take advantage of the newer queueing algorithms, FQ_CoDel being the main one I wanted to get my hands on but I will try with CAKE once things have settled down although I hopeful that with a 1000/115 connection I shouldn’t need to QoS much of anything.