VSR10 G-SPEC-500

Pantera Hop Arm
Pantera Concave Nub
Maple Leaf Autobot Bucking (75) < PTFE’d onto barrel
Laylax PSS10 430MM Barrel
Silverback Barrel Spacers G-SPEC with additional spacer in suppressor
ASPUK Sniper1 Zero Trigger
ASPUK Sniper1 90 Degree Piston
ASPUK Sniper1 Cylinder Head <PTFE’d threads
ASPUK Sniper1 Black Cylinder
ASPUK Sniper1 M150 Spring with electrical tape on the end
ASPUK Sniper1 Stainless Spring Guide
Swiss Arms 3-9x40mm Scope
Expanding Foam & Cotton Wool Stock

VSR10 G-SPEC-370

ASPUK S1 Hop Arm
TM VSR Bucking < PTFE’d onto barrel
Laylax PSS10 303MM Barrel
Laylax PSS10 G-SPEC barrel spacers
AirSoft Pro Zero Trigger 4.1
AirSoft Pro 90 Degree Piston
Airsoft Pro Cylinder Head <PTFE’d threads
Airsoft Pro Black Cylinder
Airsoft Pro M110 9/13mm Spring < Heatshrink on Spring
Airsoft Pro Stainless Spring Guide with 9mm sleeve
CV Life 3-9x40mm Scope
Cotton Wool Stock

STTi Mk23

Hadron Designs TDC Mod
Hadron Designs Fang
Maple Leaf Crazy Jet 133mm Barrel
Maple Leaf Autobot Bucking(60) <PTFE’d onto barrel
Suppressor barrel extension removed and packed with foam

Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-Capa Gold Match

SHS 50 degree bucking

Area Amoeba AM-008

ZCI 6.02 380mm Inner Barrel
Big Dragon 130mm Suppressor
Maple Leaf AEG bucking (60) < PTFE’d onto barrel
Maple Leaf AEG Nub
ZCI Hopup Chamber