About Me


My name is Steve, I’m a 30 (something) year old PC enthusiast, PC Gamer and outright networking nerd. I love PC hardware and building, repairing and upgrading all form factors of PC’s as well as more enterprise server level hardware.

I live in Derbyshire and work for a local ISP providing internet to rural communities. My job regularly sees me in close contact with the full catalog of both Ubiquiti and MikroTik hardware. Every day I am finding that I can do something new with the kit or I’m combing through the forums finding more efficient ways of what I am already doing. Currently I have a MikroTik MTCNA certification but am looking to progress this and expand onto the higher levels.

As I have already hinted, I can be a bit of a PC gamer, I’ve gamed on PC from an extremely young age where I used to sit next to my dad pressing space bar to open the doors for him as we worked our way through Wolfenstein. I’ll never forget the disappointment on his face when I was able to play the game myself and I managed to progress his game saves for him, the student had become the master. From there I was given my own PC (aged about 5?) and as I grew this evolved into other machines. As most young boys do, I went through the console era, the Sony Playstation was a difficult one to avoid so I had one of those, a PS2, Sega Megadrive, XB360, PS3 and then finally came back around and have started PC gaming again.

When I’m on my PC I do enjoy a few hours on the odd FPS although I think the most amount of hours spent was on Arma 2 playing Wasteland, something which I’ve continued into Arma 3. More recently I’ve put some serious money into my PC and upgraded it to the level it is now and mostly now use it for playing Battlefield 1 with the occasional PUBG game. I both record videos and stream to Twitch (links are in the title bar).